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Current research about ConML

Research on ConML currently focuses on the following areas.

Model management

Being able to create and manipulate models is good, but models need to be managed. Specifically, models are often extended and reused, so keeping track of the differences and changes between related models is crucial. Also, multiple instance models are often integrated into shared datasets, so federation and reinterpretation are also needed.

We are working in model federation, model reinterpretation and model repositories. These features require extensive research and optimisation, and they will be incorporated into Bundt (see "Modelling tools" section on this page) as they become mature.

Modelling tools

Our experience has shown that, very often, data sets managed by researchers and practitioners get soon disconnected from the models on which they are based. For this reason, we think that modelling software tools are necessary. We envision data sets as instance models, so that databases can, at least partially, be replaced by ConML instance models. Modelling tools will also need to support model creation, modification, extension and management.

We have just released Bundt, a modelling toolset for ConML. Bundt allows you to create and manipulate models interactively, as well as develop your own tools on top of it by using its libraries.

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